Small Business Council
The Gilbert Chamber of Commerce Small Business Councils mission is to engage, connect and advance small businesses.  We focus on business growth through the following programs:

Business Academy

Business Academy connects ideas with a plan for action. Each workshop will focus on a topic or opportunity that will challenge your thinking, help you to evaluate your goals, set your priorities and take your business to the next level. Topics and initiatives are determined by the Chamber's Small Business Council.

Business Academy Mastermind

Mastermind Workshops are the tactical follow-up sessions to the Business Academy Workshops held two weeks prior. Each session will be a collaborative review of the lessons learned and reflection of the experiences when putting these lessons into practice. Industry experts will be in attendance to provide additional feedback and knowledge.

Student Entrepreeur Institute

The Student Entrepreneur Institute (SEI) is a catalyst that inspires students and young  people to start and grow entrepreneurial ventures. SEI is a  program of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce and has partnered with local High Schools and Chandler-Gilbert Community College  to further students education in the entrepreneurial field.

SEI has been created to inspire students to be entrepreneurs and to help students start and grow businesses. All of our members will learn how to start a business, meet established entrepreneurs, and learn about various entrepreneurial topics. We are open to students in the GIlbert Public Schools grade levels 10th and 11th.  Students are the future entrepreneurs of Gilbert.