Gilbert Leadership celebrates 25th Anniversary with Time Capsule

Gilbert Leadership celebrates 25th Anniversary with Time Capsule

Gilbert Leadership Board Members gathered to celebrate the sealing of the program's time capsule

Gilbert, Ariz.  – The Gilbert Leadership Board of Directors and alumni gathered mementos and keepsakes from the first 25 classes of the leadership program. Gilbert Leadership began in 1992 as a premier leadership program for developing the next generation of leaders in the town of Gilbert.

Run by the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the program, now in its 26th year, has taken classes through program days focused on unique assets within the town of Gilbert. A key part of the program is for the participants to also learn about the history of the town.

Fittingly, as part of the 25-year anniversary celebration, the Board of Directors took on the time capsule project as a way to celebrate the history of the program. Paul Norbut, board director and graduate of Class 20, led the effort, along with fellow board members Tim Thompson, Jän Simon and Jaime Johnson.

Kayla Kolar, former Gilbert Leadership president and President of HD South, also worked closely with the group on the capsule project. The time capsule is being housed at HD South - Home of the Gilbert Historical Museum.

Some of the items enclosed in the capsule include photos from the various classes over the years, memorabilia from class projects, and a copy of John Maxwell’s “21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader,” which has been the guide post reading material for Gilbert Leadership classmates.

“The history of the town is an important part of the development process during the Gilbert Leadership program,” said Kathy Tilque, co-founder of Gilbert Leadership and President & CEO of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce. “To be able to capture items from the program during the first 25 years, knowing that this capsule won’t be open till the program celebrates its 50th year, is incredibly exciting.”

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Gilbert Leadership is a ten-month program of the Gilbert Chamber Foundation. Candidates are required to live or work in Gilbert, possess a commitment to community involvement and personal growth, and a desire to improve the Gilbert community. More than 500 alumni have discovered leadership opportunities and fostered lasting relationships through this program. Learn more at