Member Testimonials
“When starting my business, one of the best decisions I made was joining the Gilbert Chamber. No other source had the resources, connections and future partnerships, than the Chamber. You get what you put into it, so get involved!”

Dina Zappone, Zappone’s Italian Bistro
“Between school contracts, luncheons, and major catering jobs, the Gilbert Chamber has brought me an estimated $85,000 in sales! That's in just one year."

Eddie Mrok, Carlife Gilbert
"I'm a fan of the Gilbert Chamber because it promotes marketing, growth, and profitability, of my business.  It's a chamber that celebrates my success and development."

Nicole Poston-Thompson, Associated Architects
"We are completely humbled by your support and the support of all the Chamber members. This is such an amazing community and we are excited to be a part of it!"

Elaine Kessler, Elaine Kessler Photography
"I joined the chamber with the intention of getting to know my neighbors and growing my business. I’ve grown to love my Gilbert chamber community and my business has experienced an exciting explosion. The chamber is a dynamic and incredible source of community and business."

The Gilbert Chamber of Commerce recently conducted an anonymous membership survey. We asked our members why the Chamber is relevant to their business and how it will continue to remain relevant in the next decade. Here are some of the responses we received...

The Chamber is a great resource to generate meaningful business relationships and partnerships.  The relationships ultimately create value for my business in the form of referrals (both inbound and outbound) and a network of partners that bring further value to my clients.

The Chamber makes a concentrated effort to encourage members to connect in a meaningful and sustainable way. The Chamber puts a huge focus on building relationships which sets members up for success. They also have great education resources.

I like to know that the Chamber and it's members are always available to me for questions, to explore different ideas and give sound direction.  I will always be a solid member of the Chamber and look forward to the future.

[My Chamber membership] shows community involvement to my clients and offers opportunity to meet new possible clients.

Business is all about relationships.  The Chamber does an excellent job of helping me connect with other people and other businesses to form those relationships that will result in success.

As a Gilbert Chamber member I have the opportunity to get my business name out to the community, meet other chamber members, gather business ideas, attend events, and hear about the direction and future growth of Gilbert... all very pertinent to business growth. 

The Chamber acts as a great source for linking businesses together to create opportunities and fulfill needs.  They are focused on advancing businesses within the community to strengthen the economic climate for the greater good.

The Chamber addresses significant issues that impact  business; strong voice to the Town of Gilbert through public policy efforts.

The Chamber continues to be a business advocate for small, medium and large businesses in our community. They are committed to education, higher education and education of new and existing business owners to assist and further success.

The Chamber is a significant voice for policy in the Town. These policies will definitely affect my business.