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Transaction Privilege Tax - Upcoming Changes

The Arizona Department of Revenue is implementing changes to Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) licensing and reporting, as required by law.  These changes affect all Arizona-based businesses as well as those located outside of Arizona that sell to Arizona customers.

These changes will take effect with the June tax return that taxpayers file in July.

As a partner with keen interest in the Department’s successful implementation of these TPT program changes, we appreciate your help in getting word out about what is planned and encouraging businesses you are affiliated with to file TPT returns online at
One of the key changes to take effect beginning July 1, 2016 is that all businesses, regardless of geographic location, will be required to use location-based reporting when submitting TPT returns.  All businesses licensed with the Department will receive a location code(s) identifying each physical location where the business operates.  Location codes will be automatically populated by correct jurisdiction for taxpayers who file electronically, or taxpayers will need to enter the codes correctly on the city detail page using the new TPT forms (TPT-2 and TPT-EZ).

The Department strongly encourages all taxpayers to file online for easier filing and faster processing. Businesses with more than one physical location in Arizona are now required by law to file their TPT returns electronically via  Please know the Department has set a goal to eventually eliminate all paper TPT transactions, and we look forward to working with partners like you to educate taxpayers about the benefits of filing online and encourage compliance.

You may be asked questions or receive requests for assistance from taxpayers about the upcoming changes.  Questions can be directed to the Department at 1-844-698-9176 or they can email

If you would like to have a Department representative present to your organization about these changes, please contact Tom Johnson at


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