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Great news for Gilbert Businesses – Revised Sign Code Approved!

After two-years of negotiating and stakeholder meetings, the Town Council approved the revised sign code that is business-friendly, easier to navigate, and provides much more clarity.  The Chamber is proud to have been a key stakeholder representing your interests, especially as the Town delicately ensured compliance with the Supreme Court case ruling.

Elements of the revised sign code include extending various sign types throughout the community, allowing for new lighting technology, ensuring sufficient time is allowed to replace and repair signs, reduction in spacing between monument signs with the property, additional A-Frame/Flying banners per business, easy-to-read tables and illustrations all stand out as new items. 

This has been a heavy-lift for the Town Staff, Council, and members of our Public Policy committee as we worked with restrictions placed by the Supreme Court relating to not regulating signs based on content; especially as cities across the nation are waiting for our code to be written prior to revising sign codes within their own community.  Thank you to all for your hard work and commitment to a business-friendly environment in Gilbert.

You may find the revised sign code online at https://www.gilbertaz.gov/departments/development-services/planning-development/signs.  With every revision of the code, we will always find new items to revise, clarify or add; so, we will take another look at this within the next year.  Let us know your feedback in the meantime so we can include that in our discussions!