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Gilbert Highlighted As A Top City For Entry Level Jobs

by Abbey Sumida, Outreach Coordinator,

It is no easy task to figure out where to start a career. However, research shows Gilbert is a great place to start. To help provide a landscape view of the most suitable cities for entry-level job seekers, small business financing site Fundera recently wrote an article on The Top Cities for Entry Level Jobs which highlighted the city and one of its exemplary businesses.

But how exactly does Gilbert have so much potential? Fundera assessed findings from several studies including one by WalletHub, which determined what cities were the best to start a career based on quality of life and professional opportunities. These findings show relative market strength based on metrics like workforce diversity, availability of entry-level jobs, commute time, and monthly average starting salary. These metrics have landed Gilbert notably high on lists such as #3 Best City for Jobs (Forbes) and #12 Best City to Live In (24/7 Wall St).

For each city, Fundera’s article features a business owner that values internship and entry-level job programs. Read more about Gilbert and how its businesses foster meaningful career growth here.